May 2020 regattas in Italy.

Rowing4fun gives you the opportunity to participate in the Gardalonga and Vogalonga, both scheduled for May 2020 ...... we give you the boats you bring the crew.


Gardalonga is an oar classic, well known abroad, it takes place on Lake Garda on May 2, on the Maderno-Salò-Portese-Isola del Garda section. The event takes place over two different distances:

  • La Gardalonga: Maderno-Salò-Portese-Isola del Garda-Portese-Salò-Maderno. about 25 KM / 13.5 NM
  • La Gardacorta: Maderno-Salò-Maderno. about 12 KM / 6.48NM.
Vogalonga takes place on the day of Pentecost which this year falls on May 31 in the wonderful setting of Venice. The departure is from the Grand Canal, in front of San Marco, winds for about 33 km until you reach the islands of the lagoon, such as Burano and Murano, and then return to the Grand Canal.
Both are non-competitive regattas. We have coastals and doubles available.
To find out the prices, contact us using the form on this page or send an email to info@rowing4fun.com indicating which of the two you are interested in.

Map Gardalonga

Map Vogalonga

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