Rowing in Marche 6/8 September

Pesaro, Fano and San Bartolo Natural Park Tour.


Monte San Bartolo Park marks the beginning of the coastal hill system in the Center of Italy which immediately follows the famous tourist beaches of the North Adriatic Sea. It faces the Adriatic Sea with a spectacular cliff and it reaches its maximum altitudes on the hills of San Bartolo, Castellaro, and in the villages of Casteldimezzo and Fiorenzuola di Focara.

This is our first tour in Marche region, we will be host of Canottieri Pesaro and Adriatico rowing club. We will row on coastal rowing boats every day a different tour, we will be based in Pesaro city and by sea we will reach Fano one of the most famous rinascimental towns.

Weekend program

Friday 6 September 2019

Arrive Pesaro. Hotel check-in. Welcome package delivery.
At sunset meet at the boathouse on the cliffed coast of Colle San Bartolo, check and test the boats. Enjoy a 10 KM row, a swim and a drink on boat at sunset.
Dinner : tasting menu with traditional fish dishes.

The city was founded as Pisaurum by the Romans in 184 BC as colony in the territory of the Picentes, the people who lived on the northeast coast during the Iron Age. However, in 1737, 13 ancient votive stones were unearthed in a local farm field, each bearing the inscription of a Roman god; these were written in a pre-Estrucan script, indicating a much earlier occupation of the area than the 184 BC Picentes colony. During the Renaissance it was ruled successively by the houses of Malatesta (1285–1445), Sforza (1445–1512) and Della Rovere (1513–1631). Under the last family, who selected it as capital of their duchy, Pesaro saw its most flourishing age, with the construction of numerous public and private palaces, and the erection of a new line of walls (the Mura Roveresche). In 1475, a legendary wedding took place in Pesaro, when Costanzo Sforza and Camilla d'Aragona married.

Saturday 7 September 2019

Meet at the boathouse.

'Fanum Fortunae' row 25 KM (round trip) : row to Fano along the south coast of Pesaro.
Relax and breakfast in a seaside resort on the beach near Fano then return back to Pesaro.
Alternatively , visit Fano and lunch at 'Pesce Azzurro' restaurant with a taste of the famous Moretta drink. Departure from Fano and return to Pesaro around 4 PM.
Back at the hotel , relax and free afternoon.
Dinner : tasting of piadine (local dish) with various fillings and craft beer in a typical restraurant.

Sunday 8 September 2019

Meet at the boathouse.

Discovering San Bartolo Natural Park 25 KM (round trip) . The park covers an area of 1600 hectares, has very striking landscapes : the cliffs, narrow pebbled beaches and coves and huge agricultural areas. It supports a wide range of vegetation and has a rich birdlife.

Row with a view of San Bartolo Park from the sea, the cliff and its fossils , the north coast of Pesaro from Marche to Romagna region.
Rest and breakfast at Baia Vallugola. Return back to Pesaro by lunchtime.

It is an extremely important point for the bird migration and an ideal place for many species of birds which spend the winter here; it is also important from an archaeological and historical point of view, since although it has a limited extension, it is very rich in finds: from the Neolithic finds in the area of Mt. Castellaro to the archaeological site of Colombarone along the ancient Via Flaminia, from the lost ports of Greek origins of S. Marina and Vallugola to the charming system of Renaissance villas and gardens.

How to reach Pesaro

By Train:
Adriatic line, railway station of Pesaro. The station is in centre town, not far from the seaside.

By Car:
Pesaro is along the national route Adriatic 16 (SS 16) – SS 3 Flaminia – highway A14.

By Airplane:
Airports of Rimini (30 km far from Pesaro) and Falconara (AN – 45 km far from Pesaro).

NB The prices do not include travel, extra drinks and anything else not specified in the program.

The program could change due to lake conditions, both in the times of the exits and in the destinations.


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