Maiori - September the 22th, 23th and 24th 2017

3 days in one huge terrace overlooking a cobalt blue sea.


The Amalfi Coast is part of one of the 51 Italian sites that, thanks to its landscape, natural and cultural heritage, make it a heritage recognized and protected by UNESCO. There is only one large terrace overlooking a cobalt blue sea with rocky walls on the water and cultivated citrus, vines and olive trees. Among the 16 beautiful communes that make up the Coast there is our goal: Maiori.

Even Maiori's birth, though uncertain, is rooted in myth. Pliny for example, makes him descend from Maya goddess. What is certain is that Maiori was founded by an Etruscan lucumone named after "Reghinna" and then the Romans, who used these lands to make their vacation places, added Maior to distinguish it from the nearby Minor. Maiori is the name that has remained to our day. The fortunes of Maiori, like all the communes of the coast, are due to the birth of the Amalfi Republic, when Amalfi became a hub for commercial exchanges and marine power with colonies across the Mediterranean, and Maiori became its main port Arsenal seat.

But history is characterized by victories in defeats, periods of gold at phases of total decay and so did these areas with the fall of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi, when the coast became the land of conquest of Saracen, Norman and Pisan. Maiori is a wonderful village that opens up to the sea. It is famous because it accommodates the largest beach on the coast, about 1 km of flat sand for these rocky areas, and small coves is a real exception. Going to discover the architectural beauties of the coast, or relaxing while enjoying a bit of summer lounging on this blue sea, it's up to you. We have the task of bringing you to know these enchanting sceneries.

During this three days we will be the guests of the Canottieri Partenio di Maiori and of his president Francesco Noio.

We will set out at sunset on Friday, to start discovering the beauty of this landscape. Then again Saturday, early in the morning, to enjoy a placid sea, a light wind and a coastal sunrise. In the daytime, for those who want it, excursions are planned in the coastal communes, to the discovery of Amalfi, or the nearby Minori. On Sunday, however, we will drive our bow to Atrani, another wonderful coastal village, or if you are tired of riding we could always "paddle" with the possibility of canoeing.

For dinners we will make you discover the specialties of the place, unique flavors, as only this land can give.

We are waiting for you in Maiori !!

Weekend program

Friday the 22th September 2017

Arrival in Maiori and settling in hotel.

Meeting at the Parturius Club of Maiori, boat accommodation and first exit: the discovery of the Coast and its Norman towers, some visible only by sea.

Dinner with sea view.

Saturday the 23th September 2017

Breakfast at the hotel

Appointment to the Circuit Canottieri Partenio for the second boat trip: visit to the caves. Famous near Maiori are the Pandora's caves, rich in rock-rich stalactites and the Sulfuric cave that takes its name from a source of sulphurous water that flows into it.

Afternoon at the liberty to discover the Amalfi Coast. You can relax on the beach, or visit the wonderful coastal villages, or even treat yourself to tasting the creations of the famous Sal De Riso pastry, on the seafront of Minori .... A sensory experience absolutely not to be missed!

Dinner in Amalfi. We will arrive at an Amalfi boat where we will eat at a fisherman's restaurant.

Sunday the 24th September 2017

Breakfast at the hotel

Appointment to the Club Asd Partenio Club for the third boat ride. Discovering Amalfi and Atrani and returning to Maiori. For those wishing to go out on Sunday it could be a long canoe and kayak trip.

The address of the Club Canottieri Asd Partenio is: Port of Maiori.

The programme may change due to the weather and lake conditions, both in the boat trips and excursions timetables.

The address of the Hotel 7 Bello, Minori.

For those arriving by plane, the nearest airport is Naples.

From here, the Beverello Molo departs every 90 minutes from the sea, connecting Naples with the port of Maiori.

Those arriving by train can choose to arrive in Naples or Salerno. From Naples you depart from the Molo Beverello and by the sea metro, departing every 90 minutes you reach the port of Maiori. If you decide to arrive in Salerno, the departure jetty is opposite the railway station, in Piazza della Concordia. From here depart ferries and hydrofoils for all coastal towns. The duration of the navigation is about 35/40 minutes.


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