Coast Maiori-Positano 28-30 September 2018

The magic of the Amalfi Coast with oars!


The Amalfi Coast is part of one of those 51 Italian sites that, for its landscape, natural, and cultural characteristics, make it a heritage recognised and protected by UNESCO. A unique colossal terrace is overlooking a cobalt blue sea, with walls rock overlooking the water and land cultivated with citrus, vines and olive trees.

Among the 16 beautiful municipalities, that make up the Coast, is our destination: Maiori. Even the birth of Maiori, although uncertain, has its roots in the myth, Pliny, for example, makes it descend from the Maya goddess. What is certain is that Maiori was founded by an Etruscan lucumone that gave it the name "Reghinna" and later the Romans, who used these lands to make places for holiday, added Maior to distinguish it from nearby Minor, and Maiori is the name given until our days. The fortune of Maiori, like all the towns of the Coast, is due to the birth of the Amalfi Republic, when Amalfi became a nerve centre for trade and a seafaring power with colonies throughout the Mediterranean and Maiori became its main port as well seat of the arsenal.

Maiori is a beautiful village that opens up on the sea. You have the choice to discover the architectural beauty of the coast or relax enjoying a little summer cradled by this blue sea; ours is the task of bringing you to know these landscapes of enchantment by rowing. In this three-day of rowing, we will be guests of the Canottieri Partenio di Maiori and of its president Francesco Noio, Italian coach with a bronze medal at the Athens Olympics, 3 medals at the World Championships and 8 Italian Championships.

We will train at sunset on Friday, to begin to discover the beauty of this landscape. And then again on Saturday, on board of coastal rowing boats, we will reach Positano by sea. We will leave early in the morning to enjoy a placid sea and a light wind (estimated time travel 2 hours). For those who wish, swim in the crystal clear waters of coastal and then lunch in one of the characteristic places of Positano. Return to Maiori in the afternoon. Sunday instead we will aim our bow towards the magical cave of Pandora, a beautiful destination to visit 'on tiptoe' where birds nest and where the colour of the sea is a stunning green.

Weekend program

Friday 28 September 2018

Morning arrival and accommodation in Hotel in Maiori.

Appointment at the Circolo Canottieri Partenio di Maiori, boat accommodation and first exit: discovering the Costiera and its Norman towers, some visible only by sea.

Dinner on the sea.

Saturday 29 September 2018

Breakfast at the hotel.

Appointment at the Club Rowing Club Partenio for the second outing by boat: to Positano, we will go to the discovery of one of the most sought-after destinations of world tourism.

Free lunch.

Return to Maiori.

Dinner in a typical restaurant.

Sunday 30 September 2018

Breakfast at the hotel.

Appointment at the Rowing Club Asd Partenio for the third boat outing. Discovering Pandora cave. For those who wish to leave on Sunday, it could be a long way out in a canoe and kayak.

The address of Club Canottieri Asd Partenio is: Port of Maiori.

NB The prices do not include travel, extra drinks and anything else not specified in the program.

The program could change due to lake conditions, both in the times of the exits and in the destinations.

The program must have a minimum quota of 4 participants.

How to get there

For those arriving by plane, the nearest airport is Naples.

From here, reached the Beverello Molo, every 90 minutes departs the subway of the sea, which connects Naples with the port of Maiori.

For those arriving by train, you can choose to arrive in Naples or Salerno. From Naples, we start from the Molo Beverello and the subway of the sea, departing every 90 minutes to reach the port of Maiori. If you decide to arrive in Salerno, the departure pier is in front of the train station, in Piazza della Concordia. From here, ferries and hydrofoils leave for all the towns of the coast.

The duration of the navigation is about 35/40 minutes.


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